Friday, July 31, 2009

A Sissy Master for the real world.

I have been contemplating the real world implications of my instructions and directions to my sissies. Separating and integrating fantasy and reality is an important primary goal for my sissies.

For example, I posted my own fantasy of sending my sissies to work with a chastity belt and attached butt plug. I doubt this would be a good idea unless the sissy had already proved she could wear an unattached plug all day at work with no problems, both physically and work-wise.

Right now, at least, the fantasy doesn't meet reality, and is understood to be separate.

Another reality meets fantasy issue: I can threaten a sissy's personal information going to important people if the sissy does not take a punishment as instructed. Will I do it? If I do, it would probably mean the end of my hold over the sissy. If I don't, in response to rebellion on the part of the sissy, the sissy will realize that my hold over her is weak. Since either way would end our Master-Sissy relationship, I suppose that my decision would depend on how upset the sissy has made me with her behavior.

I also understand the stress of wearing a sissy's hair at a family reunion, for example. I would expect my sissy to get permission ahead of time to not wear her hair to the event. There would be a penance to pay, to be sure, but I would likely relax my rules for this occasion. And the penance would be nothing compared to the punishment for not getting permission ahead of time.

Here's another real world issue: I have important things to do that I have to neglect my sissies to take care of. A project or two is due soon, and I have a friend dying of cancer. I hope my sissies understand that I am still watching them, even if they do not hear from me as often as they have recently. I find great pleasure in interacting with them.


  1. just a quick thank-you and good luck for the real world stuff Master.

    xox lissa

  2. Too bad, journey ends up here :(
    Thank You for all the time and the best for Your real world issues.

  3. Journey better not end here. What I was saying is that I posted three times yesterday, and I won't be able to post with that much frequency in the near future... we'll see if I can decrease!

  4. Master,

    My heart goes out to you for your friend. I've been through it. As for your presence here, you are Master. Who am I to judge? But I find it interesting that I hope you won't be able to stay away long :b

    As for fantasy versus reality, does this mean this is all just a game for you? That I'm "not really" an "objectified piece of ass"? I kinda started to feel like I could come to you in any regard -- let alone for permission to break or alter training. In spite of all the humiliation, embarrassment and control, (perhaps because of), the only real thing I can promise you is that I am submissive to the core. I need to be owned and objectified in order to breathe. I'm here before you for personal reasons -- as you know. And I hope you allow me the comfort of speaking openly to you like this. But if this is merely fantasy, I'll go back to where I came from and beg for recourse -- ether way.

    Sissy Tracy

  5. Sissy Tracy,

    There are a lot of "I"s in that post. To help cure you of an unhealthy self-centeredness, you will from hence-forth refer to yourself in the third person as "This Sissy." Reply here to confirm you understand that you will no longer use the word, "I".

    If I catch you acting this way again, I will require the entire article at this link ( to be handwritten and uploaded by you in the manner you would expect.

    Master X.

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  7. Master,

    This sissy has just read your post and will comply.

    Sissy Tracy

  8. Hello Master - loving your blog! Please come and see mine at xxx

  9. Dear Sissy Master,

    As a trainee sissy in your school I have created a sissy punishment station as I think I will be getting punished often - you can see it in my blog Master.

  10. Hello Sir,
    i hope you will visit my blog as well Master.