Monday, January 18, 2010

New Skirts just for you at H&M!

I want all of my followers to go to H&M and pick up their very own men's skirt, and wear this for your friends. If they object, simple say, "But it's made for men!" Of course, you won't give them a peek at your frilly silky panties underneath, not unless they are very SPECIAL friends!

It's reportedly available this spring, so hop to it, my little bunnies.

In all seriousness, I definitely want you to add this to your MALE wardrobe. There may be the case of the sissy who has fully committed to the sissy lifestyle only has skirts marketed to girls, in which case, it's not for you. This is a skirt for men. Not all of my sissies have come out as sissies, but they can pick up this skirt.

So for those sissies who are still using a "male" wardrobe: pick up this skirt. Add it to your regular rotation of "male" clothes. No calling it a kilt. It is a skirt. A skirt for men. You will wear it. You will look good in it. Your friends will see you in it, and seeing your confidence and the admiring looks, will want to get it themselves. If your friends do not want to see you as a male in a skirt, get new friends.