Sunday, July 26, 2009

Assignment 6 (with optional parts)

I need to clarify myself in regard to my expectations for blog entries. My sissies need to create a new entry by every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, even if it's just to say hello and curtsey.

On the subject of personal care, be more careful with your nails. I mentioned buffing them before, but didn't exactly elaborate. If you've been cutting them off short, stop it. You will allow the development of tips, no shorter than what's seen here.

Also, you will need to push the cuticles back or trim them. If you're not sure how to do this, have a manicure and see how it's done. If you go for a manicure, have a pretty soft pink color applied and show us. For more information on how you need to care for your nails, see this link. Remember, you're not required to apply polish to your nails, only to buff them. Buff them until they are shiny! (But not too much, you don't want to make them weak.)

Now on to real sissy business. You are to purchase a maid uniform, because once a week, you're going to dust and straighten your entire home, top to bottom, wearing your maid uniform along with every possible accessory (also this one!). This will also be your Halloween costume, so be prepared to attend at least one Halloween party dressed in it.

If you have an housemate who inquires why, you don't have to give a reason, you could say you lost a bet and have to do this weekly until Halloween. (But you'll keep on doing it past Halloween.) Or claim it's an experiment that you have to keep to yourself until it's over. I imagine your housemate will appreciate your work, even if they don't know why you're doing it. :)

Also, a waist cincher is now mandatory one day per week, and also required when performing your maid service.

Finally, to end the mandatory assignments, I want each sissy who is supposed to be following my rules to list and summarize each one of them on her blog, in the side column. How? Go to dashboard, click layouts (page elements should come up first) and click "add a gadget" on the side column. Select the text gadget (or html if you want to be creative with it!)

Optional assignments:

As an optional assignment, advertise your maid services on, for free at first, and if higher demand starts, :) , raise your prices starting at $5 per house.

The other optional assignment is to post a daily picture of you wearing that day's panties, every single day. I'm expecting Sissy Tracy to do this, or she's going to be in the doghouse, so everyone be looking for her pictures.

So your sissy rules are thus:

1) If you cum, you must swallow it with your dildo in your mouth, and with a clear voice verbally thank me your master for allowing you this freedom.

2) You must keep your body hair off with an epilator and trimmer, keeping absolutely smooth your hands, feet, thighs, underarms, chest, butt, pubic area, etc... trim your calves and arms to a #1 1/2. When you go to a hair stylist, inform them to be careful to give you soft and tapered sideburns "like a girls' cut" and to do the same in the back.

3) You should now be wearing only panties, thongs, and short boxer briefs. If you have loose and baggy clothes, begin replacing them with fitted clothes that fit your body (Banana Republic, The Gap, H&M, Zaras, all have fitted clothes. If you need bargains, go to TJ Maxx or Ross.)

4) You should be tanning your sissy butt and posting your progress on your blog.

5) Use a black lash tint at least every three days. Tweeze, trim and shape your eyebrows. Use a concealer to cover blemishes. Have a lip gloss for everyday (all the time!) use and tinted gloss for special occasions, like every time you go out for dinner. Whiten your teeth. If you wear glasses, find a more feminine/delicate pair if possible or switch to contacts. I want you to have facial features that stand out in a good way when you enter a room.

6) Use a femininely scented lotion regularly to keep your skin smooth and silky. Use a stone or something to get rid of callouses. Push back your nails cuticles and keep your nails smooth and buffed, and at an appropriate length.

7) Your goal is to stretch your pussy so it can take a real man's penis. You will spend at least an hour twice a week stretching your pussy with a butt plug. If your current one is too small to have an effect, move up a size.

8) If you break the rules, your punishment is as follows: Set a timer for 30 minutes. Go put a penny on the wall at shoulder height and hold it there with your nose. Keep your legs straight, and keep your hands above your head and not touching the wall or your head. Keep in this position until you hear the timer go off. I am serious about my rules, and breaking them will bring humiliating punishments that will not be fun or entertaining.

9) Update your Blog every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday (Optional: post your panties pick every day.)

10) You are to be exercising and counting your calories!

11) Take a cute, colorful, or light colored messenger bag with you everywhere! (You might want to keep your gloss, concealer, and lash tint in it!)

12) Practice your cocksucking skills at least once a week.

13) Dust your house top to bottom dressed as a french maid and wearing your waist cincher once a week. Optional: Advertise cheap maid service on

14) Wear your waist cincher at least one entire waking day per week.

15) Summarize these rules on your blog in a side column.


  1. Just eaten some hot buttered toast...might not be worth me counting the calories...


    Nat xxxx

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