Friday, June 26, 2009

Assignment 4

OK, sissy girls, in case you haven't been getting the gist of things, my goal for you is to be sexy and feminine. We want average guys to lust after you and want to be you. We want neanderthalls to hate you because of how insecure you make them feel. We want girls to look at you and be understanding because they identify with you: they want to feel sexy and feminine too. If someone wants an explanation for your lifestyle, that's the one you give: "I want to feel sexy and feminine."

Now, part of being sexy is being healthy. Being healthy involves exercise and proper diet.

You will get 2 exercise videos. The first one: get one of the old Buns of Steel videos that focus on your butt (or if you admittedly have a great butt and need a different focus, like thighs or tummy, you may get a different one.) The second one needs to be a pilates( video. Do one of these every day for at least 15 minutes, alternating videos daily.

Now as for diet, you are going start counting calories. You will look up the caloric content and carefully measure everything you eat. If you cook at home, look at every ingredient you put in your food, add up the calories, and keep track of them. You should be averaging under 2000 calories per day, if you need to lose weight (and who doesn't?) Yes, I want my sissies slender and toned for me. (Here's a resource for your weight management:

Did you know that some diets are more feminine than others? They add hormones to beef and chickens. Some foods have more feminizing hormones. Here's a research project for extra credit: I need a star sissy to create a list of foods that are feminizing and report to me in the comments or via email.

OK, you need a fresh face too, my little sissies. You had better be trimming, tweezing, and shaping your eyebrows. Not to mention: concealer for any trouble spots on your skin. I want my sissies to have flawless looking skin. Also, you need to be wearing a lip gloss at all times. You need a tinted gloss for special occasions (like going out for dinner, yes, everytime you go out for dinner, you will wear a tinted gloss!), but you need an every-day gloss too.

On a relationship note, some of you have sexual partners, and some of you don't. If you don't, just keep with the program and you'll find someone in real life that wants you as the sissy you are. If you do have a sexual partner, now is the time to open up to them. Tell them you feel tense and anxious as a masculine personality and that you feel more alive and more turned on to life as a feminine personality. Not that you're going to become a woman (unless that's untrue ;) ), but you want their help to better express that side of yourselves. I don't care if you're with a man or a woman or a trans-person, you need to have this conversation, and you need to have it within a week.

Finally, I need to clear something up. I'm not in this to humiliate myself, so you'd better not embarrass me by looking like a gender-fuck in public. (This means if you're wearing a beard with a mini-skirt and heels at the mall, and it's not a Rocky Horror showing, I want absolutely nothing to do with you.) I'm here to humiliate your masculine selves, and feminize it beyond recognition. You are here because you know you need this, so just admit it and get with the program. I have made very clear that I want you to create your blogs and post links in the comments. Do it now.

Also, I have people requesting for special attention. I have been very busy, but I will get to you as soon as I may.

Now for your rules:

1) If you cum, you must swallow it, all of it, and with a clear voice verbally thank me your master for allowing you this freedom.

2) You must keep your body hair off with an epilator and trimmer, keeping absolutely smooth your hands, feet, thighs, underarms, chest, butt, pubic area, etc... trim your calves and arms to a #1 1/2. When you go to a hair stylist, inform them to be careful to give you soft and tapered sideburns like a girls' cut and to do the same in the back.

3) You should now be wearing only panties, thongs, and short boxer briefs. If you have loose and baggy clothes, begin replacing them with fitted clothes that fit your body (Banana Republic, The Gap, H&M, Zaras, all have fitted clothes. If you need bargains, go to TJ Maxx or Ross.)

4) You should be tanning your sissy butt and posting your progress on your blog.

5) Tweeze, trim and shape your eyebrows. Use a concealer to cover blemishes. Have a lip gloss for everyday use and tinted gloss for special occasions, like every time you go out for dinner. Whiten your teeth. If you wear glasses, find a more feminine/delicate pair if possible or switch to contacts. I want you to have facial features that stand out in a good way when you enter a room.

6) Use a femininely scented lotion regularly to keep your skin smooth and silky. Use a stone or something to get rid of callouses. Push back your nails cuticles and keep your nails smooth and buffed.

7) Your goal is to stretch your pussy so it can take a real man's penis. You will spend at least an hour twice a week stretching your pussy with a butt plug. If your current one is too small to have an effect, move up a size.

8) If you break the rules, your punishment is as follows: Set a timer for 30 minutes. Go put a penny on the wall at shoulder height and hold it there with your nose. Keep your legs straight, and keep your hands above your head and not touching the wall or your head. Keep in this position until you hear the timer go off. I am serious about my rules, and breaking them will bring humiliating punishments that will not be fun or entertaining.

9) Keep a blog with sexy close-up pictures of you (face optional, but not skanky, or shitty, but sexy, because the idea is to humiliate you, not me), and maintain it at least monthly (if you want me happy, post a blog weekly). If I catch you letting it go, I might just give you a punishment that will leave you crying and wishing you had never done this in the first place, and I don't care how masochistic you might be, you won't like it. Post a link to your blog in the comments here.

10) Oh yeah, you are to be exercising and counting your calories!