Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Response to a Sissy

Sissy Tracy writes:
Sissy Master,
It has been a long day. Things are not what quite I expected. I feel humiliated with wearing panties and no body hair. Now I find myself turned on by it. I'm embarrassed to even admit it. I find myself wondering what 365 days will do to me. And my wife just informed me that day one technically hasn't started yet (July 1st). Please tell me, what are the chances of my coming out of this a year later unchanged? Are these things permanent? Debra indicated I should endeavor on every extra credit assignment as well as assignments. So now I am to research Feminine foods and Estrogen stuff?
I'd post some of these questions on the blog, but I'm afraid of appearing negative to Debra.
Well, Sissy Tracy, I'm not going to let you hide your training from your wife. Of course you are humiliated, because if average people knew you were doing this, they would laugh at you. But you're not average, are you, Sissy Tracy? No, you're a very special. You're a sissy. At least for the remainder of your time with me, but even if your wife doesn't require every change, of course you'll be permanently changed in many ways by this training.

She also writes:

If I have time, I am going to stop off and get a hair cut tomorrow. I'm not sure what you meant by soft tapered side burns and the same in the back. I really don't want to screw up more than I have. Can you please explain or guide me to some pictures of what you require for a hair cut? The last thing I need is to upset my wife (or you) more than I already have.

Well, Sissy Tracy, I wrote, "When you go to a hair stylist, inform them to be careful to give you soft and tapered sideburns like a girls' cut and to do the same in the back." Now, I suppose there are sissies that I may not want this to apply to, so if you're a bald sissy, you need to get a nice feminine girly wig. If you're a sissy with long hair, I want you to style it with volume, and consider getting highlights. But if you have a traditional man's short cut, you need to evolve to something like these pictures here.

So, I want you to actually tell your hairstylist you want a soft tapered girl's haircut. You can show the stylist these pictures, but you need to tell them exactly what I said to say.


  1. I am so embarrassed! Thank you Master for correcting me. I am so fortunate. I am ashamed. I will do better, I promise. And I will print off the pictures. Thank you for showing me the hair styles and hair style instructions. I will speak your words to the girl who cuts my hair.

  2. Master,

    I did obey though it took me some time. I posted to my blog with a description and audio. It was most unnerving but not as death defying as I thought it might be. I did survive after all.

  3. lol what's funny is that i already wear this hairstyle as a guy, and lots of asian guys have something similar to this too.