Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A short, but exemplary post

Though it is a short one, Sissy Tracy writes a most exemplary post in her blog.

The entire text is:

"I have been spending time going through Master's rules to ensure I haven't missed anything. Here is an example. I am able to insert the plug entirely now. But it still takes a few minutes to do so. Here I am trying to squeeze it out on my own without any hands. But it is to large to remove without intervention. The hard part still is eating my own cum when I inevitably orgasm from it. I cannot believe how good it feels inside me."

A picture paints a thousand words, however, and her picture makes this post. I responded:

"Of course it feels good inside you. Doing what's right feels good, and a good sissy should be plugged.

I must say, this is a picture perfect post (pun intended). Most exceptional, indeed. I really enjoy your panty pictures as well. I want to see all the feminine undergarments your wearing in the photos, and I want to see more of your delicious ass. It is SOOO cute.

This type of work makes me proud to be a sissy master."

I hope all my sissies can learn from this post. I don't mean to neglect them, but Sissy Tracy needs a little "extra" attention. Please comment on her post how much you like it (or the picture!)


  1. Thank you Master. I'm surprised how good it made me feel to hear your comments. I'm embarassed and stunned (proud?). This is so alien. But thank you so much. Annika really did good with her schedule idea. It will make it so much easier to remember all the things a sissy must do.

  2. Thank You, Master, and thank you, Sissy Tracy. I can feel with you, Tracy, he makes us feeling like girls...it is spiraling down to the deepest edge of submission and femininity inside us. I just feel happy thinking of Master, doing things for him, feeling protected by him....Love, Annika