Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blogs I have really enjoyed

I have really enjoyed a few blogs out there that I think really deserve some kudos on being excellent examples of blogs I want my sissy followers to have. I want my sissies' blogs to be all out, extreme, "I am sissy, hear me PURR!"

Julie's Slutgirl is a blog that really celebrates being a sissy. I mean it, this blog is no-holds-barred, 100% sissy empowerment, with not just pictures, but beautiful edifying videos to meditate your sissyness on. Julie, I want to hand it to you, it's a great blog.

Sissy Cockmilker is another one that I want to really applaud. No other blog I have seen celebrates the most fulfilling act a sissy can partake in: having a thoroughly sucked cock explode with cum in her mouth. High five, baby girl, you've got something for my girls to look up to.

Sissies: I have a feeling you don't really know what I mean when I said I want you BLOGGING about your sissy life. I want more blogging, more pictures, more accounts of your days (however mundane), more celebrating your life as a sissy. I want to see proof that you are really working hard at improving your sissy lives.