Friday, July 10, 2009

Desires of the Sissy Master

Part of why I get off on feminizing boys is deep down they crave it. And deep down, I love satisfying that craving. I love making them feel so turned on. And I love making them cum. And then I love making them consume their cum.

New followers are great, but I have been getting about one new follower per day, and I'm a little depressed I haven't got more followers. I want more followers. Most importantly, I want more sissies following the regimen I've laid out for them and blogging about it. This is interactive training! The best training is interactive!

My goal for my sissies is to have them become beautiful shemales that desire to have romantic relationships with other shemales and men. This training is a long-term commitment for my sissies, and a long-term commitment from me. I may have sissies that drop out of their training, but that means I have brought them as far as they are willing to go and then they will know where they are comfortable being. Thoughts?


  1. Needless to say, I am well motivated and I give you my promise I will not be dropping out. I cannot imagine serving you any less than a year or so Master.

  2. Please allow me to say that this entry of yours made me very happy. Currently kind of 'caught' as my wife has both lost all interest in sex and doesn't care about what I do like. Finding your site made me glad as it shows that there are still caring women around. Please allow me to follow you. R.

  3. I'd love to be your sissy and explore my slutty nature however life has its constraints and I would not be able to do your bidding freely. I hope that might change.

    I do appreciate your blog

  4. I would hope that would change as well. Until then, why don't you create a blog documenting your desires and activities, as well as whatever of my assignments and rules you are able to follow on your own modified basis.

    Thank you so much for the nice note, I am very flattered.

    Master X

  5. O man, I need to find a girlfriend fast, before I BECOME the girlfriend.