Thursday, July 16, 2009

A little housekeeping

Here's a little housekeeping stuff, my sissies. I know that some of you who are following me are intending to begin your blog, but you just haven't started it yet. Here's some motivation: if you're a sissy who wants to start, but just hasn't, no cumming until you start your sissy blog!

And some of you who are doing your blog aren't spending nearly enough time on it. Here's a tip. I want you to spend five minutes per day writing a note on your blog, if only a very short one, about your sissy life. So I'll add that to the rules list as soon as I get a chance.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with all the rules, email me, and we'll chat about it. I know some sissies need to move at different speeds than other sissies, so maybe we can work out some small compromises that move you along without feeling too overwhelmed.

Sound good?

Master X


  1. Hi Master - just introducing myself and saying hello, and thank you for your work here :)


  2. also you may want to see my latest post heehee...

    also also, how do i email u direct thru here please?


  3. Dear Sissy Master,

    May i please apply to be in Your service? i long to please a Master that will make me perform and conform as it please them.

    Please let me serve!

    a sissy.

  4. Chella, thank you so much for your nice comments.

    Serveonknees: send me an email to sbmasterx (at), and await further instruction.