Thursday, July 30, 2009

Email exchange of note...

It was a fairly typical set of updates from Sissy Tracy (who must email me when she updates because of her recalcitrance.)


I have posted my panties to my blog today.

On another note, I am heading to Indiana for work the week of August 9th through the 15th.

I've no idea if I will have internet access or not. But if I do, I will be on a loaned laptop from the company. Hopefully, I can use that.

Sissy Tracy"

My response:
"Sissy Tracy,

You aren't exempt from your duties while you are out of town. In preparation for your trip, you will call ahead to determine if internet access is possible.

If it isn't (or even if there's a possibility it isn't), you will purchase a little girl's journal, and a girly pen, and you will keep two pages of notes per day you do not have access. The first page of the journal should be decorated with the words "Sissy Tracy's World." The next pages will have your rules. Then, each day you are gone, one page will be filled with your thoughts about wearing your panties, following your rules, and submitting to your Master, and one page filled with naughty girly drawing of hearts, flowers, cocks, lips, bikinis, and you and your Master. When you get back, you will take pictures of the journal pages and upload them, summarizing the most interesting parts.

You will also take pictures of your luggage with your panties and waist cincher packed in them, of you in your panties while traveling, and of you every day with that day's panties, all to be uploaded when you get back.

Now, regarding your hair: you will take pictures of the wigs you are considering buying, and we'll determine together, on your blog, which one you'll get. You'll be getting just one, and the selection of it is very important, because you'll be wearing it every waking minute you are not 1) traveling to or from work, or 2) at work.

If you are unclear on any of this, or have a problem with any of this, I expect you to let me know as soon as possible.

Master X"

Outside observers, do you think I am being fair to Sissy Tracy?

Sissies, do you think I am being too nice to Sissy Tracy, or should I insist on Sissy Tracy finding internet even at the library or hotel lobby?

I'm asking purely out of curiousity, because I think the extra work with the journal is a fair trade-off. I'm sure my sissies would agree I am incredibly fair, if not mostly.

Master X.


  1. Master,
    i think Sissy Tracy can be happy with Your accomodation. As she agreed to follow You, she should have known, that things are changing. Being a sissy is not a hobby, its a determination, it is what her life is meant for. I wonder, if there are still some places not connected to the big network in the so called 1st world. Anyway, the extra work is an absolutely wonderful and creative idea, another little piece of mosaic on her journey de femme.

    With curtsy, Sissy Annika

  2. *blushing bright red!*
    Thank you Master for allowing such a delightful set of instructions -- pink flowery journal and all. I promise to stay in compliance!

    Sissy Tracy

  3. i love the idea of a gurly journal that will then be scanned :) you go miss tracy xox