Monday, July 27, 2009

Power... over sissies... ahhhhh...

Why do I feel like laughing evilly and maniacally? Probably because I have power. Power over my sissies.

If my sissies don't do as I say, they won't be my sissies much longer.

Khrissi has virtually abandoned her blog, and refused to make the changes I told her to make. I will boot her from my sissy wagon if she does not comply shortly.

Sissy Tracy is under, shall we say, probation, and will comply, or else she faces worse complications. She is now required to post daily photos of her in her panties for the day. As a bonus, this allows me to track her grooming.

Sissy Annika is pleasing me greatly with her posts. I love her photos of the cocks and mouths, especially the one on this post. I am very glad she is showing us the parts of her assignments that are complete. I want that to be each and every one you. She already has her list of rules in the side column of her site. Oh my! What a good sissy!!

If you want to join my sissy wagon, please let me know, my email is on my profile page. If you've requested, but you've slipped through the cracks, I apologize, but email me again. I think at least one sissy may have slipped through my fingers... and I want to make sure I give each sissy the attention she deserves.

If you think you'll need to be blackmailed to comply, this is negotiable, but I won't break any laws. Sissy Tracy is facing a certain amount of leverage... and I am finding a great deal of joy in applying it.