Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Housekeeping part 2

I have changed my blog's layout a bit. I have widened the text columns and added some adverts to possibly generate some return for my blog's effort. I had to remove the obnoxious ads, but I hope that the rest of the ads are viewed as a good thing, because they will encourage me to continue the blog. If there are any problems anyone is having with the blog, please note here or email me and I may make a change to it.

Also, I have been in communication with an extremely advanced sissy who wants me to set a deadline for you to start sucking actual cocks. Will it go that far? That's up to me, not you.

In the meantime, I'm not seeing enough updates from my sissies who have started with my program. If I'm not seeing an update at least every other day, I'll be very unhappy. - Master X.


  1. How did you widen the text columns???? sorry i'm a bit blonde about these things...



  2. i fear it will go that far! xox chella

  3. I am back Master! I was away all week at work. I will certainly get right back to following your blog and assignments and posting this weekend.

  4. Sucking actual cocks...let us take the time we need :)

    Kissssss, Anni