Monday, October 5, 2009

Rent The Secretary

Hello my Sissies. Just a thought: Rent the movie "The Secretary," and while you're watching, think of being MY secretary...

If I left you in the chair, and told you not to move your hands or feet, and came back three days later, would you still be there?

Maybe not, but I wonder if that would be the case a year from now, and if you would be wearing a wedding dress.


  1. You seem to be a wonderful, loving masculine master.
    I'd love to be your femme gay secretary, a beautiful feminized ladyboy in a sexy dress, nylons, high heels, full makeup, my earrings in my pierced ear lobes, a fashion neckscarf, and my long blonde hair styled in long flowing waves and curls.
    I have a handsome man who loves me as his beautiful lady, but would love to serve you also as your secretary, and maybe give you some wonderful hugs, careeses and kisses, and a long loving blowjob after work.
    Take care darling master.
    'hugs and kisses'

    Lady Angela

  2. i just LOVED this post !!!
    sissy ballerina

  3. I agree I would love to give you a slow sensual blow job but only after I have plumped up my effiminate lips with lots of pink gloss and pushed up my long blonde curls on my head to reveal my large hooped earrings

    I'm such a sissy

  4. Hello i m looking for a master to give my ex to i keep him dressed like a slut whore, cock cage with a 4 inch penis cum stopper plug an once a month i milk him with a milking machine that i let run for hrs, i got him a black male love doll that it has a cock that is huge, i got him blindfold on soze 40 breast form super clued on, an i m video it he is licking his cum off that cock he has head phones on an he is begging a saying how he always wanted to be raped by a man , he spunds like a girl it s tp big mamyster it will rip my little ass pussy oh my god i need to fine a real man that will tease him , i ll tell him you hsve his key