Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Assignment 3

OK, my little sissies. Your third assignment has several parts. I want you to create a blog if you don't already have one, and post pictures of your delicious booty in your cutest and sexiest of underthings. No clitties sticking out, though, that's in such bad taste! Post a link to your blog in the comments of this section. Show us your pretty ass.

Next, I know the body hair trimming is getting old, so we need a longer lasting solution. Waxing is one idea, but that gets to be expensive. More than $100 just for your legs and butt. I know! Get an epilator. Here's an example, if you don't know what I'm talking about: You can get one of these in your local drug store for less than 50 bucks, and it's well worth it. You should use this on your body where you are trimming your hair (see assignment 1!). In fact, I made an exception for chest hair before. But let's face it, you're a sissy, why do you need chest hair? So epilate your hands, feet, thighs above the knee, underarms, and whole chest (and back if it needs it! UGH!) You'll want to take a tylenol to keep it from hurting too much.

The next part is going to take some time, but I need you to take it very seriously. I want you to order some tan-through bikinis or swim-shorts. I want you to begin getting some sun on your pretty little ass. I don't care how you get them, whether on ebay or ordering from or Now I want you to tan! I don't like tan lines. No one should like tan lines. You will then go to a local beach or hotel's pool and sun yourself at least once a month until you have a decent tan. Be careful not to burn your skin, and use some sunblock if you're going to be outside for longer than 20 minutes to start with (if you're pale!)

I want to be able to track your progress, so I want to see a slowly tanned ass on your blog.

You will definitely want to use something to rub into your smooth skin. If you're not using sunblock, be sure you are using a lotion with a light fruity or floral scent.

Now for your rules:
1) If you cum, you must swallow it, all of it, and with a clear voice verbally thank me your master for allowing you this freedom.

2) You must keep your body hair off with an epilator and trimmer. When you go to a hair stylist, inform them to be careful to give you soft and tapered sideburns and to do the same in the back.

3) You should now be wearing only panties, thongs, and short boxer briefs.

4) Start tanning your sissy butt! Keep a blog, comment here, and link to your blog to show us your sissy progress!

5) I didn't mention it in the body, but you should know that sissies take good care of their appearance. No unibrows, use a tweezer to shape them properly. Get and use a concealer to cover blemishes. Use lotion (floral or fruity!) regularly to keep your skin smooth and silky, and use a stone or something to get rid of callouses. Push back your nails cuticles and keep your nails smooth and buffed.

6) No sissy would be complete without her buttplug. You probably already have one, but your goal is to stretch your pussy so it can take a real man's penis. You will spend at least an hour a week stretching your pussy with a butt plug. If your current one is too small to have an effect, move up a size. I really like the Plow, or the Chisel Don't push too fast, I don't want my sissy's pussies ripped, so take it really slow! My favorite way for my sissies to train to take a big plug is to set a small stack of small books on either side of the plug, sit down on them, and remove one book at a time as the sissy feels ready. It's ok if the plug doesn't go in the first time!

7) If you break the rules, your punishment is as follows: Set a timer for 30 minutes. Go put a penny on the wall at shoulder height and hold it there with your nose. Keep your legs straight, and keep your hands above your head and not touching the wall or your head. Keep in this position until you hear the timer go off. I am serious about my rules, and breaking them will bring humiliating punishments that will not be fun or entertaining.


  1. YES Master,I already use wax strips on my legs and arms,and a Phillips lady epilator on other parts,I have been smooth now for nearly 12 months,and wear panties almost full time,only once or twice a month do I wear mens briefs for family reasons.
    I already shape and pluck my eyebrows,and use lots of moisturiser on face and body.
    I will look into a tanning salon,until summer when I can tan naturally,would it be permissible to tan in a mans suit at salon?
    I will get a tan through bikini to tan at home.
    I have never used a butt plug,but will get one at the weekend and try Master.

  2. Sissy Master,

    I have followed the assignment with such delight! Thank you so much for letting me be your slave. I've only to maintain my hairless body with an epilator from now on. Here is the public link to my blog: