Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh Sissies!

Where are my sissies? I know you are watching and waiting for my next post, but here's the catch: I need a little validation. I want to know that I'm not just wasting my time, and that you pussies are really doing as your told.

Follow me down the rabbit hole, Alice.

I need serious comments that tell me you are doing as you are told, and following your assignments, or I might not be very interested in making more posts.

This is about serious domination and submission. I want serious sissies who know where their place is, and who need the loving guidance I offer. Where are you? Please speak up!


  1. Not sure why but it is bitch getting posts to register,keep getting blogger errors.

  2. Sissy Master,

    I am following your instructions every day. In fact, I am following a "mid-year" resolution to obey you and be your slave for one full year with delay. I'm so excited to be your sissy slave!