Saturday, February 7, 2009

Assignment 1

Hairy boys turn me and everyone else off. If you do not have one, you will buy a 2 inch wide hair trimmer (for example, by Wahl). You don't need to spend a ton of money, you can get one at Walmart for less than 15 bucks.

You will then manicure the hair on your body. Using the shortest setting, trim off the underarm hair, any hair around your nipples and chest (you are allowed, for now, to keep a small manicured hedge in the center of your chest.) Use the same setting on your upper thighs, butt, and bikini line (ugh, and back if you have hair there).

Use a maximum of a number 2 attatchment on the hair on your arms and the rest of your legs.

If you have any hair on your hands, get rid of that too.

You have seven days to report back that you have finished this task. You will regularly do this again and again as needed to keep the same look. You may want to moisturize afterwards, so pick up some lotion (in a floral or fruit scent!)

Now for your rules:

1) If you cum, you must swallow it, all of it, and verbally thank me your master for allowing you this freedom.
2) You must keep your body hair groomed and short.

That's all for now, but there is much more to come...


  1. I have shaved the little remaining hair Master,as my legs and arms are kept smooth already

  2. my mom never liked hairy boys either. luckily i didnt have very much. even so i have shaved you asked. my armpits and leges are nearly bare and the hair on my chest was really not worth bare there as well.

    ready for your next assignment. gboy

  3. yes master ..
    i'm going to shave now .. all my hair
    and , i've already swallowed my cum few times before .. and i'll do it now

    i love u master

  4. Sissy Master,

    I have removed all my body hair and created a blog in an effort to catch up. You can find my blog at:

  5. I have done what you requested Master, thank You.

  6. I am proud to report that I have completed my first assignment Master.

    Thank you for your instructions

  7. Master,
    I have completed this assignment and have created a blog at to document my submission.

    Thank you for your orders,


  9. Hello Master,
    /Curtsy. Shaven as commanded


    (Dreading and highly aroused at the thought of making a blog)

    Cock Maid Danielle

  10. My blog for you Master..

  11. the first assignment was easy as I already have been trimmin my body hair and shaving my stick clitty area..

  12. I am freshly out of the shower and shaved nicely! I have had laser hair removal done on my chest, legs, ass and groin area. I keep my arm pits smooth as i do my face. My hair is short which allows for a better fitting wig and I don't own a pair of men's underwear, which means i am always clad in sexy panties. Which i buy from Macy's and Fredrick's of Hollywood. I am eager to please and am looking for a LTR with a strong Man!

  13. pls make me your sissy.sissylustina is my id

  14. i have shaved every think you sad to.

  15. I shaved everything except for a small patch just above my clit.

  16. I'm already wax all my body I mean all just for yup Master

  17. I have shaven all the hair on my body Master